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Our roster consists of some
of Florida's best electro talent.
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An electronic music
producer since 1997, and
live performer since '99. This artist has performed all over Florida and beyond. Rob Real has released music on CD, vinyl, and digital download, and has (since mid-
2009) had four seperate
#1 worldwide electro hits.

Producing since 2001 and
performing since 2002,
Anthony Nuzzo is one of
the fastest rising electro artists in Florida today. With
several releases over the
years, including two
worldwide top 20 electro
hits, this artist is making his
mark all over the world.

This artist has recently
taken the electro world by
storm with his hard-hitting
style. A slew of recent
digital releases have earned
J-Double several top 20
worldwide electro hits,
with no end in sight,
and a rightful place
in electro history.

With 11 releases under her
belt and a member of five
different labels, Illektriss
(member and co-founder of
Phonotronix), is keeping
herself busy. A phenomenal
DJ as well as electro
producer, you can catch this
rising star playing many
shows throughout Florida.

Rob Real

Anthony Nuzzo



A DJ of ten years and
a producer of eight, after
a couple initial years of fine-
tuning his skills behind closed
doors, this artist emerged
to make his mark on the face
of electro. Since then he has
played alongside some
of the biggest names in
the global electro scene.

The combined forces of
J-Tronik and Illektriss, this
powerful electro duo packs a
big punch in each and every
track. With three worldwide
top 20 electro hits under
their belt, they are on their
way to being a staple in
the modern worldwide
electro market.


With the combined forces
of Rob Real and Anthony
Nuzzo, the results could be
nothing short of spectacular.
After taking a long break
to focus on their solo
careers, Cryotron has
returned...and will surely
emerge as an electro force
to be reckoned with.

One of the most talented
aspiring DJs in Florida,
Psychodelik mixes tracks
together with amazing skill
and certainty. It's no surprise
you will see him on so many
flyers for so many Florida
parties. This incredible DJ
can turn any styles of music
into a blend all of his own.





An aspiring electro producer,
and DJ of many years,
expect to see releases from
Lucid in the near future.
This artist can be found on
two collaboration tracks with
Rob Real, "Contamination"
and "The Chemical" (which is
being featured on Exzakt's
new mix CD available soon).